Saturday, March 31, 2007

The London Drinker 2007

Hey folks, just back from a sneaky lunchtime sojourn to the London Drinker Beer Festival at St Pancras. Managed to slam down a good six half pints and a couple of snags in bread while I was there. Got some photos of proceedings here.

Fashion in the beer hall: You hafta love the CAMRA lots of holsters hanging off your belt look..see illustration.

A CAMRA festival is a true rite of passage for anybody in the UK.


Julia Buckley said...

Hey, I just blogged about my LDBF experience too! Some really nice beers there, but last night it was totally crammed with people. From the pic it looks like it's much quieter at lunchtime, must try to sneak over in the day next year. Glad you enjoyed it. Do you feel any different after your rite of passage?!

Stonch said...

that guy you snapped with the beer holster - i was so fully of bonhomie, I ended up deep in conversation with him about cider at one point. he was an ok bloke actually.