Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding: The final few days

Katie and I are jetting off to Sydney tomorrow to get hitched. The last few weeks have absolutely flown by, and now the anticipation is building to record levels. We had a few drinks at the Republic on Sunday afternoon with friends & family, I finished burning the music for the ceremony, background and party sections of Saturday. It seems like the weather is going to be balmy, with a slight chance of a late shower. Very bloody late I hope.

And Katie collected her dress from Sandra:

She is quite excited. "Quite excited", in the same vein that Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch are in "a bit of trouble". Or Brendan Nelson " slightly underestimated his popularity amongst his parliamentary colleagues".

Next step is to get the dress onto the plane as hand luggage. Glad we ain't going JetStar!

Watch this space (as time permits).

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Anonymous said...

Break a leg! And post LOADS of photos!