Friday, November 13, 2009

James Squire is Coming to Town

UPDATE 11 DECEMBER: Squires Salamanca Pub opened for business yesterday, under ownership of Paul and Tony Jubb, of the Customs House Hotel and other Sullivan's Cove drinking establishments. As yet there is no brewery on premises. Premier David Bartlett was spotted with a sly ten ounce there on the pub's second day of trade.

In what could be a bit of a shake-up for landlords in Hobart, the James Squire sub-brand of Tooheys-Lion Nathan (which is in turn owned by Japanese conglomerate Kirin Holdings, who also own Boags and PURA MILK) will be rolling out a microbrewery and pub in the Salamanca Square entertainment district of town.

According to their website, there are already four James Squire "Brewhouses" around the country.

In fact, we had drinks at the Sydney one the day after our wedding. It was a grand day. The food was expensive, the beer was great (yet also expensive), and some of it was made on premises. It will be interesting to see what the ratio of "Salamanca" product will be to their main brands, which currently come out of their brewery in Sydney (though could they now switch some production to Boag's Esk Brewery? Ve shall see).

Anyhow, it's good beer, and a new concept for Hobart (well, since St Ives closed it's microbrewery quite some years ago). It will be interesting to see how it goes, and how it affects the local scene.

I saw one local publican scurrying in the direction of the building site earlier today, after MD and Head Brewer, Chuck Hahn, announced on local radio that they would be opening soon. How soon? I spoke to a builder on site today, and he said they were aiming for four weeks from today. Which, if you look at my picture of the site, will be a sterling effort.

Anyhow, I daresay I'll be there on opening day, contributing to Kirin's bottom line (sorry, Tas Dairy Farmers) and celebrating another step in what is the renaissance of quality beer in Australia.

Actually, is it a renaissance or a whole new era?


Anonymous said...

Hi, so what does the new Squires Bar look like and is it a good concept bar? can you post some of the finished photos?

Cheers Ben

tassieblather said...

It's OK Ben, that's about it in my books. Tho have only been there twice. Will try and get some pix next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

So tassieblather, what about them photos of The Squires Bounty? I haven't been back to the old stamping ground for many years, but this place sounds like it's worth a look.

Great blog, keep up the good work.

Cheers Ben.