Saturday, November 28, 2009

Launch of The "Admiral"

Judy, Harry, Brent and I headed down to Huonville earlier today to see the launch of the "Admiral", a 28ft rowboat, which, as it was built in 1865 is the oldest boat still in existence in Australia. Restored by Dad's mate Bern "The old man of the sea" Cuthbertson and a cast of dozens ("The Admiralty"), she was relaunched today and is currently being rowed to Hobart re next Saturday at 11am, she will be greeted as she she ties up at her original berth of 145 years ago, Waterman's Dock.

It was a great local event, with a couple of dignitaries and some media in attendance (where WAS the Mayor of Huonville though? Surely not too busy?), a trio playing sea shanties, and old salts and kids galore all having a great time in the dismal fog on the side of the river.

The Admiral was one of Hobart's first ferries, built in 1865, and was licensed to carry thirty passengers across the Derwent. Once in fact, she ferried the whole Tasmanian Cabinet from Hobart to Bellerive (some may wish for today's Cabinet to be put on a ferry, perhaps not just to Bellerive though).

As Lord Mayor Rob Valentine put it, it's great to have this touchstone to Hobart's early years restored to working condition again. Let's just hope the powers that be can find somewhere to display her.

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Tim said...

This sums up the HVC Mayor and many of the Councillors.