Monday, November 16, 2009

Tasmanian BeerFest 2009

Well, the concept is finally right!

After four years or so, and three venues, the Tasmanian Beerfest 2009 at Princes Wharf was an absolute corker!

Lots of independent and major breweries from Tasmania and the mainland were there, pouring their liquid amber (and brown and black) for all to taste and enjoy. The weather was perfect at about 18 degrees, the crowd was happy, the food quality, and the music original (take a hint, Taste of Tasmania organisers!).

Photo by Harry Plimpton

Andrew and I even got in on the behind action, looking after the Tas Home Brew Supplies stand for half an hour or so while Mick went for a fag and a feed. He'd put together 100 litres of a tasty little wheat pale number, which they were giving away! Needless to say, the THBS stand was a very popular attraction (while it lasted).

Yep, congrats must go to the crew who organised the festival. Long may it stay independent and reign on Hobart's late spring calendar.

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