Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend in Brugges

Katie and I took the Eurostar to Belgium last Friday. Two hours from London Waterloo to Brussels Midi, then an hour on by local train to Brugge. Train is certainly the way to go, especially when it ain't run by Richard Branson.

Brugge is a beautiful city, protected by UNESCO listing. Main industry seems to be tourism, followed very closely by CHOCOLATE and then by BREWING. Say no more.


Anonymous said...

Hey Plimpy,

Its me! Your old mate Cugly! Nice Blog! Check out mine

Give me a call and we can play dungeons and dragons sometime:)

May the force be with u
Michael Cugly

Anonymous said...

sorry thats:

Damn page width!!E#$#$

Anna Davern said...

Hey Scott,

I tried to send you an email to scoopmail but it got knocked back. I wanted to forward you an email I got about this group...

cheers, Anna - send me your email address