Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hamburg for Lenz' Birthday

We jetted off to sunny Hamburg last weekend (it WAS sunny, around 25 celsius!) for the fortieth birthday of the old Seadog/GT40 adventurer himself, Captain Lenz. On Friday afternoon/evening, we had a BBQ on the beach opposite the container terminals. It was Hamburg Harbour Festival weekend, and we got there just intime for the opening parade to pass us by. Obviously, the whole night degenerated into a degree of debauchery on the Reeperbahn. On Saturday, after rising at four (PM that is), we headed off to a raucous Italian restauarant for the second instalment, for which we were joined by all of the birthday boy's siblings and various signifcant others. This was followed by a few more drinks in the student area until the wee small hours.

Sunday, a bit of a late breakfast was had, before we farwelled the Bavarian contingent. Then Katie and I headed down to the harbour to check out the festivities on the harbourside.

We flew German Wings, which was a nice relief, as they go direct to Hamburg Airport, and not to Ryanair's version (which is 150km out of town).

Here's some photos of the BBQ, and there's another album of the Harbour Festival here.

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Anonymous said...

yes, however german wings still have the same carbon emmissions as scag air. When you getting wings on the roof to counter the load