Monday, November 02, 2009

MiniFest 2009

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On Sunday afternoon, I rode down to Hobart's Domain for MiniFest Tasmania 2009.

Celebrating the fiftieth birthday of the iconic Mini and all it's derivatives and descendents, there were almost 220 examples on display from all over the country.

At 3pm, after the awarding of a multitude of different prizes, there was a parade lap around Hobart.

Unfortunately, the traffic lights weren't being manually run to keep all the cars together, so the parade was more a series of small bunches of cars.

I grabbed a few photos of the display and the town run.

There's an album here.

1 comment:

Becher said...

Better pic's than a certain local newspaper.

And to think 'mad jack Townshend' had hundreds of the bastards - think what they'd be worth today....