Saturday, October 03, 2009

Battery Point Foreshore Pathway

There is an election for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and six aldermen coming up in October for the Hobart City Council. One of the primary matters on which I will be basing my vote is the construction of a foreshore path around Battery Point.

This issue has been festering for some decades now, stymied mainly by high-profile residents of Clarke Avenue who regard the foreshore as their private domain, and who seem to have great sway on council and state government.

I have written to all candidates standing in the election to ascertain their position on this relatively simple infrastructure project. See below for the text of my letter, and click here for contact details for all candidates. Watch this space for their responses (or non-responses as the case may be).

3 October 2009

Dear Candidate

The Battery Point foreshore pathway has been stuck in a standoff situation for many decades now. As you are no doubt aware, the issue has again been given quite a bit of oxygen over the last year or two, culminating in exhibitions of concept drawings for the area, which, it now seems are going nowhere yet again.

It is my opinion that the pathway should be built in its entirety, and be fully capable of fulfilling the needs of both able bodied and disabled pedestrians, as well as providing a safe, off road route for cyclists. This is especially pertinent given the HCCs current plans for Copenhagen style cycle lanes along Sandy Bay Road between Marieville Esplanade and Lower Sandy Bay.

A full pathway around the foreshore will provide the necessary link to complete a flat, seamless and safe route for commuter and recreational cyclists virtually from the CBD to Long Beach.

As you are a candidate in the upcoming Council election, I am writing to establish your position on this vital and simple piece of infrastructure development. I will be publishing all responses (and noting non-responses) on my website,, as well as other Tasmanian news sites.

I will be voting in the October election, and my major consideration will be this issue. Likewise, I will be advising others I know to vote based on your response to this correspondence.

Please respond either by email, or by post to me at PO Box 3106 WEST HOBART 7000


Scott Plimpton

Thanks to Jan Dallas for the beaut header photo. There's a heap more of his foreshore shots right here. And there's some photos I took walking around there last weekend here.

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