Monday, October 12, 2009

Envirocrime: Grape Bar, Salamanca

I was just walking along Salamanca, it's a beautifully sunny Monday lunchtime. Seventeen degrees celsius according to the radio.

Grape Bar - no customers inside or out, six electric radiators going full pelt underneath their exterior umbrellas. I walked in to just tell them of this oversight, as I thought it must have been.

"Hi, you've got your radiators on outisde"
"Your outside radiators are on, and it's almost twenty degrees out there."
"No, they're on because some people like them on."
"But there's nobody there, it's a bit wasteful don't you think?"
Blank stare. Walk out of bar.

I mean ter say, these outdoor space heaters are enough of a blight on the environment (wear a jacket or go inside if you're cold!), let alone having them pumping the hydrocarbons when it's sunny in the middle of the day.

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jeremy buckingham said...

solution: blow out heater, leave on, wait for smoker