Wednesday, October 07, 2009

HCC Candidate's reply: Damon Thomas

Text below of reply from Damon Thomas, received 7 October:

Hi Scott

Sorry for the delay.

I apply a three part evaluation process to all issues- social , environmental and economic factors.

On the walkway I have carefully and comprehensively looked at the site , read environmental reports , spoken with a diverse range of residents and considered issues of cost , maintenance and depreciation treatment of a council asset .

I have concluded that a scramble track is feaesable but not a constructed walkway of the type most often put forward. It does not satisfy the test even if the considerable funding required was available which I understand not to be the case.

I have not lightly taken this approach . Should I be elected to Council I will always listen and involve myself with residents.

I hope on balance my other positions and energy will still warrant your overall support.

With best wishes

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