Wednesday, October 07, 2009

HCC Candidate's reply: Marti Zucco

Text below of reply from Ald Marti Zucco, received 3 October:


I have always supported a walkway along the waterfront and will continue to do so.

So that the idea gets some momentum and we FINALLY get to see something happening the current view is to build in stages with the area that will require the most extensive works (and costs) be built at a later date. But this will still allow a link via the road system.

The intension is to have access at that point via the current road system.

This will at least see some action rather than the current stand off position.

The other stumbling block is that the HCC requires approval from the State Government for access across this area which has been a major issue. WHY? well maybe you can work it out as who lives in the area in question may be the answer.

As I have fought for public access to be maintained at Princess wharf I have the same view here.

I hope that answers your question.


Marti Zucco

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