Wednesday, October 07, 2009

HCC Candidate's reply: Leo Foley

HCC Candidate's reply: Leo Foley, received 8 October

Hello Scott

I support access to the foreshore, in all parts of Hobart. Public access to public space is an absolute right. That is the principle that will guide my thinking and actions.

I support a walkway around the Battery Point foreshore. There are obvious difficulties, such as the working slipways, and the steep terrain below Napoleon St. I doubt that anything more than a scramble track is possible in that area.

The suggestion to build part of the walkway (to cycleway standard) between Castray Esplanade to the slipway seems to me to have merit. It would be a good start. I'd take advice on how to progress it to Marieville Esplanade. That would be the overall aim.

But, Scott, lets be clear. The main issue for me is access to the foreshore. Having a cycleway is a good idea, and might be possible, but I would not want to jeopardise an unalienable right to access by insisting on the cycleway. There are other options for a cycleway to Sandy Bay, so we should keep those in mind as we decide on the
foreshore walkway.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
Leo Foley

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