Thursday, October 15, 2009

Battery Point Pathway: What the Candidates Think

Battery Point Foreshore @ Trumpeter Street. Photo by Jan Dallas.

Listed below are summaries of replies received from Hobart City Council candidates to an email sent by Tassieblather regarding their position on the proposed foreshore pathway around Battery point. Full replies are available by clicking on the relevant link.

SUMMARY (in order of response):

Marti Zucco: Supports full path

John Freeman: Supports full path.

Peter Sexton: Supports full path.

Damon Thomas: Supports "scramble track" option.

Corey Peterson: Supports full path. Concerns re: climate change, sea level rise, etc.

Leo Foley: Supports public foreshore access as an "absolute right", though "..would not want to jeopardise an unalienable right to access by insisting on the cycleway."

Toby Rowallan: Fully supports pathway, concerns re: finance and effects of climate change.

Wendy Heatley: Supports full path to wheelchair/cycle standard.

Rob Valentine: Believes scramble track "has merit". Many considerations re: Climate change, Crown Land, Building Standards, State Government, Local residents, Cost, Disability Discrimination Act.

Peter Brownscombe: Thinks there would be much higher benefits for many more Hobart ratepayers from development of a wide range of recreation areas on the Domain hill – but supports further examination of the costs and practicality of a low impact scramble track around the Battery Point foreshore.

Helen Burnet: No reply @ 15 October

Darlene Haigh: No reply @ 15 October

Dina Alexopolous: State Electoral Commission advises "no contact details disclosed by candidate's request."


Aaron said...

Great effort on getting the HCC candidates views. I based my vote on the Battery Point walkway as well and was wondering how I'd work out which candidates were for an against it.

Nor said...

Thanks for sussing this out and summarising it for the punters Scott. John astutely noted that if there was a proposed tram track around the Battery Point foreshore Darelene Haigh would be much more forthcoming.